Here is a list of commonly used admin commands for Unreal Tournament 99 (UT99):

  • AdminLogin [AdminPassword] - Logs in as an admin using the specified password.

  • AdminLogout - Logs out from admin status.

  • AdminAdd [PlayerName] [AdminLevel] - Grants admin privileges to a player with the specified admin level.

  • AdminRemove [PlayerName] - Removes admin privileges from a player.

  • AdminSet [PlayerName] [AdminLevel] - Changes the admin level of a player.

  • AdminList - Displays a list of currently logged in admins.

  • AdminLog [LogType] [On/Off] - Enables or disables logging of admin actions.

  • AdminSpectate [PlayerName] - Spectates the specified player.

  • AdminKick [PlayerName] [Reason] - Kicks the specified player from the server with an optional reason.

  • AdminBan [PlayerName] [Duration] [Reason] - Bans the specified player from the server for a specified duration with an optional reason.

  • AdminTempBan [PlayerName] [Duration] [Reason] - Temporarily bans the specified player from the server for a specified duration with an optional reason.

  • AdminUnban [PlayerName] - Removes the ban on the specified player.

  • AdminMute [PlayerName] - Mutes the specified player, disabling their chat.

  • AdminUnmute [PlayerName] - Unmutes the specified player, enabling their chat.

  • AdminRestartMap - Restarts the current map.

  • AdminChangeMap [MapName] - Changes the map to the specified map.

  • AdminForceStart - Forces the game to start immediately.

  • AdminEndGame - Ends the current game.

  • AdminSetGameSpeed [Speed] - Sets the game speed to the specified value.

  • AdminSetGravity [Gravity] - Sets the gravity value in the game.

  • AdminSetTimeLimit [TimeLimit] - Sets the time limit for the current game.

  • AdminSetFragLimit [FragLimit] - Sets the frag limit for the current game.

  • AdminSetMaxPlayers [MaxPlayers] - Sets the maximum number of players allowed on the server.

  • AdminSetPassword [Password] - Sets a password for the server.

  • AdminSetServerName [ServerName] - Sets the name of the server.

These are just some of the common admin commands in UT99. There may be additional custom commands depending on the server configuration and mods installed.

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