UT99 NW CTF Bible

UT99 NW CTF bible Orignially by ginz updated by Xander

Ginz made this bible because he got really tired of explaining so many things and thought that this could be a good update and compilation of a lot of bibles and tutorials.

You can find the following at this bible:

  • Keyboard and mouse settings
  • UT settings:
  • Timing:
  • CTF Rules:
  • Skillz:
  • Conclusion:
  • Links Page:

Keyboard and mouse settings
To improve your game play a lot you need to have your UT keyboard and mouse settings optimized.
If you have your keyboard settings right then you can play a game and you won’t have to move your hand only your fingers. It should also enable you to switch fast between weapons and use team-say binds and other useful commands.Your mouse should have the right settings for your playing style and it can also be used for getting weapons (I’m not talking about scrolling to them though).
My keyboard settings look like this: Stand Gaming Keys

Key Movement
W Forward
A Left
S Backwards
D Right
Shift Duck
Control Walk
Space Jump

I think most people have the same movement keys. I have a walk key for two reasons: I can move absolute silently, so I can hear what the enemy is doing, but the most important reason is to make small jumps even if you have the boots. If you hold control and you jump you make a small jump (almost as high as the normal jump) and you won’t waste your boots. Weapons


Key Weapon
Q Trans-locator
1 Impact hammer
2 Enforcer
3 Bio
4 Shock Rifle (also ASMD)
E Rocket Launcher
R Sniper rifle
F Pulse gun
Mouse Wheel up Flag cannon
Mouse Wheel down Minigun
6 Ripper


It’s a must to have a key for every weapon. Using the Mouse Wheel to switch between weapons just takes to much useless time. As you can see I have all weapon are easy accessible. Only the ripper requires me to really stretch a finger, but you hardly use it anyways. The Trans-locator has its own key because it’s not a weapon and now you won’t get the impact hammer by accident.




Key Action
Y Talk
U Teamsay
\, Z, X, C Teamsay binds:
(Example) X = You say the taunt: “On my way” and at the same time you say: “<100 Health> <100 Armor> <Attacking>”
←↑↓→ Teamsay binds: “Enemy flag carrier is going left / high / low / right”
Page Down Teamsay bind: “Where is the EFC???”


Teamsay binds are very useful in FFA games. To set a teamsay bind you need to go to en tweak your user.ini file (it’s at your system map C:\UnrealTournament\System). If you open the file then you will see all your key binds under the [Engine.Input] section. The file is quite easy to understand. Take W=MoveForward for example, it means that W is your key for moving forward. Now I’ll explain how I have my Teamsay binds by explaining the following settings (this is how I edited them in my user.ini):


“Enemy flag carrier is here”


JoyZ=speech 4 12 0 | Teamsay <— EFC!!! | Teamsay <%H> <%A> <%P>


JoyZ is, unlike most things in the user.ini, a little hard to understand, but it stands for the ‘\’ key (see the keyboard pick). If I hit this key you will hear: “Enemy flag carrier is here” see the following in the chat box:“(middle)<— EFC!!!”“(middle) <100 Health> <100 Armor> <Attacking>”“(middle) Enemy flag carrier is here”


Now if you look at the line above:
    speech 4 12 0 This part makes you say and here: “Enemy flag carrier is here” You could first bind taunts to key in ut and then search for them in your user.ini. Teamsay <— EFC!!! Teamsay means you will only say it to your team. So you will only say to your team: “<— EFC!!!” Whenever you teamsay you’ll see the position from which you or your team does it. That’s why my arrow points to the left. If you would change Teamsay en Say then you tell it to both teams. Teamsay <%H> <%A> <%P> <%H> – Your Health <%A> – Your Armor <%P> – Your Position <%W> – Your weapon (not needed for ctf) These commands only work if the server you play on has utpure on it, it won’t work on a practice match. | You have to put these ‘|’ to add a new command to a new line.


“Amp Taken!”


Z=speech 0 1 0 | Teamsay AMP TAKEN!!! | Teamsay <%H> <%A> <%P>


    speech 0 1 0 This part makes you say and here: “Roger that” Teamsay AMP TAKEN!!! This is important for timing the amp or noticing your team that you or the enemy has it.


“On my way”


X=speech 0 2 0 | Teamsay <%H> <%A> <%P>


    speech 0 1 0 This part makes you say and here: “On my way”


“Shield Belt”


C=speech 0 1 0 | Teamsay SHIELD BELT!!! | Teamsay <%H> <%A> <%P>


    Teamsay SHIELD BELT!!! Same as AMP.


“EFC is going…”


Left=Teamsay EFC is going LEFT!!! | Teamsay EFC is going LEFT!!!Up=Teamsay


EFC is going HIGH!!! | Teamsay EFC is going HIGH!!!Down=Teamsay


EFC is going LOW!!! | Teamsay EFC is going LOW!!!Right=Teamsay


EFC is going RIGHT!!! | Teamsay EFC is going RIGHT!!!PageDown=Teamsay


Where is the EFC??? | Teamsay Where is the EFC???


    Teamsay EFC is going LEFT!!! This is to help your team find the efc.
Useful Keys


Useful keys Action
Alt Throw
F1 Scoreboard
(hit F1 to see it and hit it again to make it disappear)
Caps Lock Scoreboard
(hold the Caps Lock key to see it)
` (~) Console
B Suicide
/ Mapvote menu


You can see that I have two keys for the scoreboard. The F1 key is the normal one, but I also have the Caps Lock one. I use the last one a lot more. You can look at the score or (e)fc a lot faster and easier. In the early days you also needed the key to time. I have the following command for this:


CapsLock=ShowScores | onrelease Showscores


You also see that I have a suicide key. If you fall off at face then it’s a waste of time to wait until you are death or if you are a defender and you just returned the flag in the enemy base, then it’s often faster to just suicide and start over again with 100 health and get new weapons in your own base then that you go all the way back, which takes time, while getting your health and ammo back. I have the following command for this:


B=Suicide UT settings


Now that we are done tweaking our keyboard and mouse settings we can work on the UT settings. Having optimal settings does make a big difference. Your goal is to run ut as efficient and effective as possible. UT might look worse because of this, but you get a lot back of this. Check the differences at the next two pics of ctf-lucius:

CTF Level

 (Default settings)

Advanced Options Menu 3

 (My settings)


Start up ut and go to console. In console you type ‘preferences’ (without the ‘ of course). A small menu called ‘advanced options’ will start.




All of these settings can also be found and tweaked in your unrealtournament.ini (also at C:\UnrealTournament\System) at the [Galaxy.GalaxyAudioSubsystem] section (or maybe you have it at [Audio.GenericAudioSubsystem] section).

Advanced Options Menu 4

 (My audio settings)


    MusicVolume Put this at 0, you don’t want ut’s music playing if you need to hear if an enemy is incoming. This setting is irrelevant if you set UseDigitalMusic to False. SoundVolume Use this to set the volume level for audio. 255 is the highest value that can be used. I’d recommend setting this to the maximum value of 255 & independently adjust the volume levels for music & such. UseDigitalMusic Set this to False to disable the in-game music from playing. UseReverb Set this to True to enable reverb effects. You can improve performance by setting it to False (especially with A3D2 capable cards), this will disable the reverb effects. You can put this at False. UseFilter Set this to True to enable audio filtering for improved audio quality, improve performance by setting it to False. You can put this on False.




All of these settings can also be found and tweaked in your unrealtournament.ini at the [WinDrv.WindowsClient] section.

Advanced Options Menu

 (My display settings)


    Brightness Put the brightness very high. If have it on maximum in ut and I also have the brightness high at my monitor. High settings will enable you to see a lot more and detect campers a lot faster. CurvedSurfaces This option makes ut more lagy, but more beautiful. You can put it off (put it on False). Decals This is for blood splats, bullet holes, shell cases, etc. You can put it at False. MinDesiredFrame.. The minimum desired framerate should be set to something unrealistically high, for example 500 FPS (Frams Per Second). NoDynamicLights Controls dynamic lighting effects from objects such as weapon fire and explosions. Disabling this option can increase FPS on slower systems, particularity in heavy fire fights. You can put this on True. NoFractalAnim Controls the animation of game world objects such as water, flames etc. Can help with increase FPS at a cost of making the game look less dynamic and flat. Put can put this on True. NoLighting Controls lightmaps and other lighting methods. Enabling this will give an FPS boost albeit making the game look ugly. You can keep on False. ScreenFlashes Controls screen colour when you take damage or are underwater. You can put this on False. SkinDetail Why to set skin detail to high is easily explained. If all the wall and floor textures are blurred (low detail) then player, weapon and item models will stick out more from the scenery if they are high detail. If you can sacrifice those few fps for a better viewability, don’t hesitate. Put this on High. SlowVideoBuffering Useless, unless you are using Software rendering. Keep it on False. TextureDetail Controls overall texture detail. Setting this to a lower value will help with increasing FPS, but it will give a drop in visual quality. Put this on Low.
Game settings


All of these settings can also be found and tweaked in your unrealtournament.ini at the [Engine.GameInfo]section.

Advanced Options Menu 2

 (My game settings)


    bLowGore Controls the maximum amount of blood and gore in the game / server. Very minor FPS increase for some low end systems. You shouldn´t use gore level ultra low, because you won´t see if you hit with the pulse gun if the blood is green. Put can put this on True.


I think most of you play this game with direct3D, unless you have a sucky graphics card. If you don’t run this game by direct3d then you should change the settings at one of the other options. All of these settings can also be found and tweaked in your unrealtournament.ini at the [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] (this is for direct3d) section.

Advanced Options Menu D3D

 (My rendering settings)


    Coronas This is the haze of light that appears around light sources in the game, such as lamps in the game. You should put it at False, just look at the picture I showed you before of ctf-lucius. DescFlags This option do not need to be modified and is determined based on the Graphics card and / or Driver installed. Leave it unmodified. ShinySurfaces Set this to True for better visuals. Shiny surfaces are the reflective surfaces in the game, e.g. in the training mission on some floors you can see your reflection. Setting it to False will improve your frame rate in such areas. You can put this on False.
Other settings


Change the following things in ut:


    Auto-Switch-Weapons Put Auto-Switch-Weapons off. I think you have that already. If you don’t then it’s a must because you don’t want to suddenly switch to a weapon when you’re teleporting. You can find this option under: options  weapons You can also edited it in your user.ini: [Engine.PlayerPawn] bNeverAutoSwitch=True [Engine.Pawn] bNeverSwitchOnPickup=True Hidden weapon You should play without seeing your weapon, it gives you a lot more view. You can find this option under: options  preferences  Game View bob It should be on 0 otherwise you might get seasick. You can find this option under: options  preferences  Game Mouse sensitivity The mouse sensitivity makes you move your mouse faster or slower. Change just as long until you have it just right. The value depends on the players. If you are a defender or a hitscan player (enforcer, sniper, shock), then you’ll probably have a low value, because it’s good for your aim. If you are a attacker or a spammy player (flak cannon, rocket) then you’ll probably have it a bit higher so that you can look around fast. A low mouse sensitivity is perfect for long range, where a high one is perfect for short combat. My mouse sensitivity is quite low at 1. If you want to lower your mouse sensitivity then you should go down slow. If you are use to playing with it at 3, then first change it to 2,5 or 2. You will completely suck at first, because you are not used to it. You feel like you have to move you mouse a meter to make a 360° turn. It will take some time to master it, but it’s worth it. An old roommate of mine plays Tactical Ops (TO) as Sniper-xxl. He used to have a very high mouse sensitivity, I told him to lower it and now he’s one of the best TO players in the world with a great aim. You can find this option under: options  preferences  Imput ForceDefaultModels Put this on and some skins (like the warcow skin) change to default onces, now they are easier to kill. You can find this option under: mods Fov This setting how wide ut is. Making it bigger is good for spammy players and making it smaller is good for snipers. Your default fov is 90. I haven’t change this. If you do want to do this, then go to your user.ini and edit this: [Engine.PlayerPawn] DesiredFOV=90.000000 Dodgetime The amount of time where you have to press the extra left, right, etc. to make the dodge in can be changed. I changed it to 0.185000. If you do want to do this, then go to your user.ini and edit this: [Engine.PlayerPawn] DodgeClickTime=0.250000


    No CityIntro You can remove the useless intro you get when you start ut. You have to go to your unrealtournament.ini and edit this: [URL] LocalMap=Entry.unr


Timing is one of the keys of becoming an advanced player and clan. I can give you a simple example: This (fun) match was played just after I joined PmP, I was spectating blue on both matches. The first map was a lot of chaos. There was hardly any control of the timing. PmP won the map, but it wasn’t very convincing.

Capture the Flag Blue Team Wins

   This match I coached PmP in the timing and now this time they dominated the match.

Capture the Flag BlueTeam Wins

   Timing is a lot easier then you might think it is. Here are the (important) respawn times and ways to time them.


<108> <109> <109> <109> <109>
Item Respawn Time Timing in secs Timing in mins Example
Amp 110 secs + 10 secs – 2 mins 20:00 – 18:10 18:10 – 16:20
Health Keg (100 Health) 90 secs + 30 secs – 1/2 mins 20:00 – 18:30 18:30 – 17:00
Shieldbelt 55 secs + 5 secs – 1 min 20:00 – 19:05 19:05 – 18:10
Armor (100 and 50) 27,5 secs + 27/28 secs 20:00 – 19:33 19:33 – 19:05
Vi(t)als 27,5 secs + 27/28 secs 20:00 – 19:33 19:33 – 19:05
Boots 27,5 secs + 27/28 secs 20:00 – 19:33 19:33 – 19:05
Ammo 27,5 secs + 27/28 secs 20:00 – 19:33 19:33 – 19:05
Health (100 Health) 18,33 secs + 18 secs 20:00 – 19:42 19:42 – 19:24


The top 3 (amp, keg and belt) are the most import ones and must haves. If you look at the way to time them then you see that it’s actually quite easy. Just add 10, 30 or 5 secs and you know the next one. Don’t forget that as a attacker it’s often useful to wait as the armor before you enter the base, it really doesn’t take that long to respawn and it does make a big difference in attack.


At teamspeak you must communicate about the item timing. If you take the top item or you see or hear the enemy taking it, then you must communicate about the time it will respawn again. You only have to say the second it will come at again (your team can figure out the minutes by them selves). You should also remind everyone about 10 to 5 secs before it respawns again so that the mid and attackers have enough time to meet at (and defend) the spawn point. If you lost control of the timing then you should ask your teammates if they know it and / or guess yourself when it will respawn.


I’ll give you an example on how it should go with belt:     <124> <461>
Time Teamspeak
20:00 Remind eachother before the match to take the belt and amp if you are close to it when the game starts
19:55 Belt Taken by me (attacker)
19:54 Next belt is at 0 secs
18:10 Belt in 10 secs
18:00 Belts up, you can take belt (mid player)
17:58 Belt taken by me (attacker)
17:57 Next belt is at 2 secs
17:12 Belt in 10 secs
17:02 Enemy took belt and he’s entering in base high (he has high priority for the defs)
17:01 Next belt will be at 7 secs
  CTF Rules


In CTF you have defenders, mid(s) and attackers. I’ll walk trough all positions, a lot should be clear to you already, but you still see it going wrong. I’ll also discus some basic teamspeak rules. For all positions the rule is that when you talk about a position, then you rather talk about a weapon or item, then saying someone is going left or right, because you that’s a lot more confusing and it’s a recipe for mixing up positions. You should also point out if you are on our or their flag, sniper, etc. The word “base” can have two meanings: the complete red or blue base or the flag spot.




Defenders defend the flag and seal the base. If the flag is taken then they return it. Defenders communication should be like this (example is on ctf-orbital):


Teamspeak Defender 1 (on flag) Defender 2 (on amp)
D1: Incoming at sniper Do nothing
D1: Sniper is down Do nothing
D2: Belt incoming low
(telling that it’s belt increases the importance)
Do nothing
D2: Belt is down Do nothing
D1: Two incoming at sniper Do nothing
D1: One is down Knows that he would only have to kill one if he comes in to help.
D1: One is in base Comes to help on the flag
D1: I’m down Comes to help on the flag
D1: He’s picking up (Taking our flag) Check on the flag spot
(Red alert)
D2: He’s still in base Goes back to base if he got killed
D2: He’s got 1 cover Knows that he’s got to deal with the cover too.
D1: He’s going high (He’s going there or he’s on high) Going high
D1: He’s going our bio Try to backstab him at bio
D2: He’s bio out (He already left the bio and is out of the base on mid) Going mid
D1: He’s low mid Goes low
D1: He’s entering their base low (He’s not yet in base, but he’s try to go there) Goes to their amp
D1: He’s on their amp Goes to their amp
D2: He’s in their base Goes to their flag room
D2: Pick up
(You tell the attackers to hide or run like hell with the flag, because he’s about to cap)
D1: He’s almost down Knowing this he takes mini (or smt) and kills him
D2: I have him Efc is down and he’s going to return the flag.




The mid player is responsible for getting backing up attackers and defenders. He’s also the first one responsible for timing, because he can do it easier. When your fc is about to pick up, then the mid should respawn kill or kill defenders on mid to keep the road free for attackers. If there is no fc, but there is (almost) an efc then he should back up defenders. The basic rule is that if there is an fc and efc then mid should keep to covering, but you can also make the mid more defensive giving priority to recover.On teamspeak mid should tell if one side is clear or not.




Attackers take the flag and cover the fc. They don’t recover unless it’s a cap. There are two ways of attacking:
    Play by the shield – Attackers wait for each other and the shield before they enter the base. This means that the enemy defenders don’t see to much assaults on the base, but if there is one, then it’s a heavy one. Pressure play (or cap over cap) – Main focus is pressure on the defence. At this method you’re trying to constantly have attackers in the enemy killing defenders and picking up. The attackers don’t focus on the belt here. Covering is also less important because attackers also sometimes wait at the enemy flag spot to have the flag being returned.
Every attacker prefers its own style, but the enemy defence also prefers a kind of attack. I remember one war very well, where I was ‘playing by the shield’ and then my former clan leader Gast said that we should change to ‘pressure play’ because they could not handle that and that made us win the match.


Attackers communication should be like this (example is on ctf-orbital):


Teamspeak Attacker 1 (Belt) Attacker 2
A1: Belt’s up in 10 secs guys Go and kill at belt spot Go and kill at belt spot
A1: I’ve got the belt Switch to attack Switch to attack
A1: Next belt is 34 secs Now he know the next belt is at 18:34 secs Now he know the next belt is at 18:34 secs
A1: I’m entering their base low He’s going to attack from a different direction.
A2: I’m entering their base at mini He knows where he can expect back up from.
A1: I’m waiting in their base, ready to pick up Waits for attacker 2 Rushes to attacker 1
A2: Pick it up Picks up flag Ready to back up coming from high.
A1: I’ve picked up flag I’m going high (he’s going or on high) Covers high
A1: I’m going to bio Covers bio
A2: Bio is clear keep going Going to bio
A1: I’m at bio, going to high mid (now he’s on or past bio) Going to mid
A1: I’m on high mid, almost down Covers high mid and get’s close to the fc to pick up the flag if he goes down
A1: I’m entering our base at amp. Cover amp entrance. Now the defenders can also move forward there if the base is clear.
A1: I’m down Takes the flag
A2: I have it, I’m going in our base. Covers at base Going back to amp
A1: Base is not clear Going to amp Back to amp
Defenders: base is clear Going to base Going to base
A1: I’m in base and I’m gonna cap Cover flag spot Caping
A1 and A2: Next belt is at?


Here are some useful tips on improving your skills.




First of all you should determine what kind of player you are. You should set your mouse sensitivity to that too.If you are a spammy player then you should aim for the body. With flag your aim at full body and with rocketlauncher, mini and mini you aim for the body.If you are more of a sniper (hitscan) player then you should not aim for the person, you should aim at a certain point. You don’t chase someone with your aim, you wait until the enemy comes into the spot you think he will come. With teleporting people often go from the left to the right, so you either search the middle or you wait for him at right when he comes back from left. It’s also about aiming at items, like a dropped weapon, which the enemy intends to pick up. Watch a insta demo and you’ll see that those players don’t dodge a lot. They don’t do that because the place you move to when you make a dodge is easy to predict.Crouching at combo’s is also useful to kill someone. You shoot the ball en then you sit still in crouching position and make the primairy to finish it, 9/10 times your enemy will be in front of you ball when you shoot. I don’t know why, I think it’s because you think that you can kill him fast and easy.Try to figure out the weaknesses of players. My weakness is that I’m a bit of a assrunner, so you can trap me if you play smart.




Play with a custom crosshair. I’m playing with a custom crosshair which is a golden dot. It’s almost the same as the standard crosshair dot, but this one is corrected. The standard crosshair dot is just a little of centre. It’s yellow because it’s a nice collar that stands out well. You can find crosshairs here:


 I’m playing with “golddot” from this package “g1bhairz5”. If you download one of the crosshair then it’s readme or the site can explain you how to get it working. In my user.ini I have these set now (I have several crosshair packages):




[Botpack.ChallengeHUD]bUseTeamColor=TrueFavoriteHUDColor=(R=0,G=7,B=16,A=0)CrosshairColor=(R=16,G=16,B=4,A=0)HudScale=0.600000Opacity=16StatusScale=1.000000WeaponScale=1.000000bHideAllWeapons=FalsebHideStatus=FalsebHideAmmo=falsebHideTeamInfo=FalsebHideFrags=FalsebHideHUD=FalsebHideNoviceMessages=falsebHideFaces=TrueCrosshairCount=31CrossHairs[0]=g1bhairz4.Static.X0CrossHairs[1]=g1bhairz4.Static.X1CrossHairs[2]=g1bhairz4.Static.X2CrossHairs[3]=g1bhairz4.Static.X3CrossHairs[4]=g1bhairz4.Static.X4CrossHairs[5]=g1bhairz4.Static.X5CrossHairs[6]=g1bhairz4.Static.X6CrossHairs[7]=g1bhairz4.Static.X7CrossHairs[8]=g1bhairz4.Static.x8CrossHairs[9]=g1bhairz4.Static.n1CrossHairs[10]=g1bhairz4.Static.n2CrossHairs[11]=g1bhairz4.Static.n3CrossHairs[12]=g1bhairz4.Static.n4CrossHairs[13]=g1bhairz4.animated.1CrossHairs[14]=Botpack.CHair1 CrossHairs[15]=Botpack.CHair2CrossHairs[16]=Botpack.CHair3CrossHairs[17]=Botpack.CHair4CrossHairs[18]=Botpack.CHair5CrossHairs[19]=Botpack.CHair6CrossHairs[20]=Botpack.CHair7CrossHairs[21]=Botpack.CHair8CrossHairs[22]=Botpack.CHair9CrossHairs[23]=CHair.CHair7CrossHairs[24]=CHair.CHair8CrossHairs[25]=CHair.CHair9CrossHairs[26]=CHair.CHair10CrossHairs[27]=CHair.CHair11CrossHairs[28]=CHair.CHair12CrossHairs[29]=CHair.CHair13CrossHairs[30]=CHair.CHair14CrossHairs[31]=CHair.CHair15FontInfoClass=Botpack.FontInfo




You have to practice dodging a lot. It is good for movement in combat and it makes you faster. Play DM, LMS or


 to force yourself to learn this. Also learn how to make a dodge or jump in the air, just after you teleported.As an attacker you should know all trick jumps on every map. It compensates fragskills a lot. Also remember that defenders are often snipers, so they are less good in short combat.




Watch demo’s, utv and movies from skilled players and clans. They are inspiring and they teach you a lot about how to play maps or how to kill someone.You can watch demo’s with


 . It’s a simple tool which always you to play demo’s or auto record demo’s. I will also try to download cache files for you, if you don’t have them. I’ve edited my udemo.ini (which you get after installing demomanager) so that it’s able to find more cache:


RedirectServers[0]=www.snakeservers-redirect.net/RedirectServers[1]=redirect.osg.cc/~osg12/ut99/RedirectServers[2]=ut.isp4p.net/redirected/RedirectServers[3]=www.clangos.com/redir/RedirectServers[4]=redir.serverox.fr/UT99/RedirectServers[5]=[6]=www.icequake.net/ut/redirectRedirectServers[7]=www.utctf.jolt.co.uk/downloads/redirectRedirectServers[8]=www.cpti.org/uzRedirectServers[9]=fragged.yerbox.org/UTfilesRedirectServers[10]=dma.no-ip.org/utRedirectServers[11]=www.belgames.com/servers/utpackagesRedirectServers[12]=www.i4games.net/download/ut/redirectRedirectServers[13]=www.organized-evolution.com/uccRedirectServers[14]=[15]=[16]=www.apollo3.com/~elouw/ut/RedirectServers[17]=www.thelatebar.com:16080/utfiles/ RedirectServers[18]=turkeyfiles.escapedturkey.net/ut/redirect/


You can simply copy past this in your own udemo.ini. If demo manager can’t find the cache then you can try find it at one of the links at the end of this document (at links). If that still won’t start the demo then you might be playing with an old


 . If you want to keep the old version, just make a copy of you unrealtournament and install it in the other map. If you still can’t play them then check on one of the links if they know something about it, or ask on irc.




 is very nice tool to watch matches life. A lot of high skilled ctf matches are on utv. They will probably be announced at clanbase or in irc channels like: #ut.coverage




A lot of ut99 movies have been made. They are very inspiring to watch. Check



Levitation Gaming

 to find them. Servers If you want to get skills fast, then you should play at high skilled servers. You’ll get owned bad at the beginning, but improving a lot plays back. If you can’t play because the server is full, then spectate a player you can you view by typing in console: behindview 0 (inside view) or behindview 1 (3th person).High skilled ctf servers are (you can add these in your unrealtournament.ini by placing them on a free numer. Don’t forget to increase you FavoriteCount):[UBrowser.UBrowserFavoritesFact]Favorites[x]=.de .:[old Friends]:. Publicserver by Fast-GameServer.de\\6201\FalseFavorites[x]=.de iNzanE FFA by Fast-GameServer.de\\6101\False


DM and RA servers:Favorites[x]=Multiplay.co.uk :: Rocket Arena Public\\8860\FalseFavorites[x]=– {Çø£}`s Classic Deathmatch Deck-only –\\9501\FalseFavorites[x]=jolt.co.uk – Deck 16][ Only\\7898\False


Pick Up Games (pugs) Playing at lots pugs is also good for your skills, especially your teamplay and teamspeak skills. There are two main pug channels:#ctfpug#ut994funpug Conclusion That was about all I can think of which you should know to improve your skills with this game. I really hope you liked this bible, because I spent a lot of time working on it. If you just change lots of stuff because of this bible, then remember that it will take time to get used to them. GL with it 😀 Links Tutorials

eC TeamSpeak Tutorial 

    • Nothing to add to that. Something that often goes wrong is the volume settings, which is explained at page 2

eC key-bind Tutorial

    •  A lot of information which you could find in this document is also in there.

UT BIBLE by ocrana

    •  The first and best bible ever made, check it.


     Useful for understanding a lot of the irc commands.


Tweaking and understanding your ini’s

Important sites



Cache, these are all different sites (if you can’t watch a demo)


UT files


UT Misc
Server Stats