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Updated 2007-03-21


Many have asked about how to make movie etc heres a thread for those who wants to know!

If you have anything to add plz do!


Latest UPDATE*


* – Which codec is best to use to get a superb quality and rather decent file size compared to the movies length. File sizes like 500mb is way to big.

Xvid because everyone can play it and x264 etc takes to much CPU on good quality to watch.. (use xvid settings in shaolin guide below its very nice)

– What way is the best to go when making a ut movie? Jpeg, bmp or instant recording to .avi file type?

Bmp or tga!

– What resolution should I use at start and should I keep that resolution or decrease it when doing the final editing in premiere or other similar program?

use 1600×1200 for all, then resize with Lanczos3 in Virtualdub to 1280×720 which gives you HD quality and the poss to have lower if you want in afterhand. With xvid HD size is very nice option for High quality and then make a medium with 800×450 for slow viewers..

– which editing programs would be a good addition to use for a movie? Like boosting up details on walls and skins. I’ve heard about adobe after effects but I’ve got no clue on how to work with it.

Sony vegas, i have learned it for my project its awsome, much better than premiere pro..

After effects, put some glow etc will make it look nice

– any other stuff that is worth going through which I’ve left out!

Use 25fps on final movie, but capture in as high as possible like 200/150/125 and then speed the clip instead and you get real nice smooth in video.

Add supersampling high number = better makes clip look more smooth = 25fps feels like 200fps this is in sony vegas!

Btw the best guide i have found from a Swedish friend, Cristal.. : Shaolin tutorial

*XVID compression guide, how to set codec and perform a good quality: Xvid Wiki


First step is to collect demos! 

(Demomanager3.0 with right setup will enable auto record! DL look down)When you have some demos, try diff settings so your happy with quality BEFORE you actually start with movie!

If you alrdy have demos and they dont work with Demomanager 3.0 try to open them with console instead type demoplay demoname

“demoplay bamzz-dm”

?timebased (if demo is recorded on another comp)

?3rdperson (You see the person from outside)

If they still dont work, you prolly don’t have right*.u files for the demo.

Try to move them and re-enter the server to DL again or do a search for them on google and use new *.u files.

Using the download inside demomanager3.0 have never worked for me, i just put them in manually in system folder!

If you have them cached you may to change the chachetime in UT.ini so they don’t will be deleted!



*.u sites

1: Others
2: Bamzz
3: Decay
4: Gos

If you cant find *.u files, only *.u.uz files, then they are compressed use Compressalot to uncompress them!


To use Cd2 textures you have to use OpenGL and enable it in ut.ini

UseS3TC=False <-- set it to TRUE

Opengl driver 31

OpenGL setting page

There are two basic ways to make a video:

1: You start a demo and use a program that creates a video file directly with sound! (Fraps)

2: You start a demo and use a frame cap program that store one single frame, for example 30 pictures/second. (Movieunreal)

So what diff these methods!

First method is very fast way to make movie BUT it limits you to make camera fly around, you need a computer that have stable fps at high res and details. If you want to make 1st person clips with sounds it can be very time saving, if you get the settings right.


Second method using a mod in unreal called movieunreal, you can set details and res as high you want and

it works on all computers, basically its just the time it takes to make the frames that difference. Its framebased.

Here you can set cameras and fly around and set different views. Follow rockets etc see a Intro movie for Camera!

Note^ Dont use the rypelcam with the movie file, DL the new cam instead SwiftCPU, its a updated Rypelcam!

You wont get any sound! So here you have to cap the ingame sound with other program than put it on l8!

First method: Use fraps!

Second Method: SwiftCPU* new name on rypelcam (Includes: Movieunreal2002 with custom demomanager3.0 suited for SwiftCPU)

Note* The MovieUnreal in this Package is a slightly modified version with redefines F-Keys. With this version you can seek faster and you can make slower slowmotions so I would recommend to use this version even if you have MU2002 already installed.

If Movieunreal2002 doesn’t work, you can try Movieunreal++, it doesn’t have same opportunities but if it works instead you have no option!

SwiftCPU cam forum!


Note* To get Sniperzoom work in Demo Manager 3 you have to change Recording device line in UT.ini back to default! (You cant use frame jumping but zoom will work )

Default line: DemoRecordingDevice=Engine.DemoRecDriver (Zoom works)

DemoM 3: DemoRecordingDevice=udemo.uDemoDriver (Zoom doesnt work, speeding etc works)

And use demomanager 2.0 or console, you cant start demo with demomanager3.0 even if you disable the recordingdevice!

If you now have used movie unreal you now have several BMP´s or JPEG in your system folder. (Jpegs would be enough)

To make it uncompressed avi use a simple program like “Fast Movie Processor”

It just put all pic´s together with no quality loss if you choose uncompressed!

Here you can also adjust Gamma, brightness, contrast etc..

Virtualdub can also do this, just drag first pic to window and it starts to count frames.

Just set FPS and uncompressed on compression.


Now You have a AVI with no sound and it´s uncompressed= really big, around 10gb/min

If you have the space to save around 100gb uncompressed avi files you should do it!

Then the quality would be awesome if you use right codec in the end. (Xvid, divx or x264)If you want use lesser space, compress the clip with high bit rate so you don’t lose to much quality for end rendering. Test and test, your aim should be around 20Mbyte/min at END (If you want to share it online, otherwise you can do a DVD and give your friends with 30Mbps )

Programs to use for compression: Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, VirtualDub (Free)
Codec´s: X264, XviD-1.1.0-30122005, Divx5.2pro, Divx5,4,3

Understand Compression, Guide

Heres some guide´s for compression:

Smiley´s place
Divx/xvid guide
Xvid-setup guide
Divx-setup guide
ShortStoryHQvidcoding.zip Now you should have clips to work with!

To get in game sound

Use the Windows Sound Recorder, use the built-in Sound Recorder in windows to capture the audio from UT. Just need to make sure it’s set to record sound DIRECTLY instead of through a Mic or Line-In. When you hit record you should see line jumping if you have UT running, then just save and done you have ingame sound!——————————–

Movie Editing :Guides

Now you have to start edit your movie! Get a edit program like Adobe premiere or Sony Vegas and start!Guides

own-age.com – Tutorials very nice! *UPDATE

  • If you want to make After Effects you can use Adobe one, here is a guide also!
  • Another Transition guide – HARD
  • Guide for: Virtualdub, Adobe Premiere, Fraps BASICS

If you use Adobe Premiere for example you have to use Mp3 on audio AFTER movie is done, put codec on the audio with Virtualdub! Look guide

Nimo codec pack (Mp3)
CleanHud – mod for UT that removes whole hud, good for Camera views and 3rd person!
Cleanhud – WITH cross hair, also zoom with sniper

To remove Pause text: Open the Engine.inT in your Systme folder and search for
“PausedMessage=blabla” and replace it with “PausedMessage= “. The single
space behind the = is important. So after the “=” hit space one time. Then

save and youre done.

Good when you want to see crosshair, chatbox, HUD (Invis with clearhud) but don’t want that pause text when demo is paused!


MovieUNreal 2002:

Use high fps like around 100 and then set fps in virtualdub to 30 and then speed clip to get normal speed!

(Movieunreal fps 100, VD fps 25 => to get normal speed do 400% speed gain to get “normal” speed)

PLz Post good links, guides here if you have and I will add them!

or just ask questions and we will help you out!


Readme´s and tutorials included in downloads:

SwiftCPU (Rypelcam)-Tutorial
SwiftCPU-extra-tutorial Note* the NumLock 3 txt
Demomanager 3.0 install-txt 

/Best Regards Bamzz

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