sup fraga’s,  xantaz is back.

Not sure why, the game is really bleeping old now, but yeah, I guess I just have nostalgia for it. Looking for helpers, looking for ideas. Leave comments, let us know what you would like to see in addition to the old files as before.

~xander aka shoq.jedi, blue_ballz, [Ts]-Bob haha and 1000’s more. twitch.tv/shoq_jedi

PS After playing less and less from 1999-2010, with only a game or two here or there since 2010, I am officially retired from UT, and online gaming in general. Trying to concentrate on RL now.


Update: Well,  after hosting 100's of couch surfers, backpacking 11 months in 22 European countries (I will be back!), a UT99 LAN Party in Munich with a former Couch Surfer, and then living 2 years in Gothenburg, Sweden with my dream girl (a hot Swedish professor...) I am back in rural central California with nothing to do in the evenings. So fuck RL... I get bored at night and I refuse to be another mindless couch potato watching all new mindless series (GoT, Baby Yoda, and a few other are exceptions) so anyway now I am back at UT99 since early 2019, come join me & frag me if you can noobs as I boldly proclaim I am still the best all around LEGIT US UT99 player there is. DM, CTF, Assault, DOM, you name it, lets do a round robin in updated ACE server and see who wins!. 😉 Find me here unreal:// somewhat regularly trying to take the Green Goo 1v1 thrown away from Slime Bucket Or just send me your ideas about how I can make my UT server, or this site better!  At the moment looking for ideas about small 1v1 or 2v2 CTF Maps and killer 1v1 DM maps.  Also, you can join this site and edit the wiki to help keep UT99 info online and well.