Unreal tournament Admin commands

To pop up the console, press ~ (tilde) or use the quick console (which displays a single line) that is available through the Tab key.


MENUCMD <menu> <menuitem>
Perform an UnrealTournament menu command. For example, menucmd 1 0 brings up the Unreal Tournament server browser.
Shows your current ping value.
VIEWPLAYERNUM <player number>
Makes a selected player number the view target.
Sends AI information to the log.
Lists the current players.
Takes the name of a class that extends "menu". Not really used.


Enables cheats if they are not already.
Adds all weapons except redeemer to the inventory and full ammo for each of them. Also works in UT2003.
Gives 999 ammo for all weapons.
Shows what bots in viewclass are thinking. This command also works in UT2003.
pauses all bots, actors, events, movers, effects and anything else that is not a player. if a player discharges a weapon, the weapons "ammo actor" will spawn, but not accelerate, thus allowing you to closer examine rockets, flak shells, ripper blades etc. closer than you would be able to in-game. (re-entering the command will un-pause everything. if a given actor was in the middle of executing an action when the game was paused, it will resume the action from where it was cut-off. meaning, if you reactivate the game while you're next to a bot, they will attempt to kill you without warning.)
allows you to "fly" around the map. This command functions like spectator mode so you can still pick up items interact with the enviorment/bots and so on.
disables the FLY command.
Enables the player to walk through solid surfaces. Also gives the player immunity to the damage normally recived from LavaZones, SlimeZones, WaterZones and so on. Player is not affected in any manner by any form of damage even though the HUD flashes and you hear the PlayerDamage sound. (re-enter the command to disable.I recomend that you activate the "FLY" command beforethis one.)
Changes the view to 3rd person. the HUD and crosshairs are not present while in 3rd person view.
Changes back to 1st person view.
ADDBOTS <# of bots to be added>
Adds X number of bots to the current game.

These only work on the local machine

Cancels an OPEN command in progress that is trying to connect to a network server.
Play the specified CD track.
Identify your CPU speed, useful for machines which don't autodetect their speed properly. For example, CPUSPEED=266.
DEMOPLAY <filename> [?noframecap] [?timebased] [?3rdperson]
Play a recorded demo. Example: demoplay mydemo?3rdperson?timebased

* ?noframecap plays the demo back as fast as possible. This option is assumed if timedemo 1 is enabled.
* ?timebased gives a smoother playback if the playback machine is significantly slower than the recording machine.
* ?3rdperson lets you fly around a first person demo as a spectator. It also allows veiwing the demo from any bot's/player's perspective in the demo.
DEMOREC <filename>
Record a demo to <filename>.
Get a list of available resolutions.
Change to a certain track in the song (0: ambient, 1: action, 2: suspense).
A3D 2.0 occlusion factor
A3D 2.0 maximum node distance
s_reflect <0 or 1>
A3D 2.0 reflections
s_occlude <0 or 1>
A3D 2.0 occlusions
s_wavetracing <0 or 1>
A3D 2.0 wavetracing
A3D 2.0 reflection gain
A3D 2.0 reflection delay
A3D 2.0 maximum number of polygons
A3D 2.0 maximum number of reflection polygons
A3D 2.0 smallest polygon size
A3D 2.0 large polygon size
A3D 2.0 Sources
Stop recording or playing back a demo.
Take a Level Screenshot.

Also see the LOD Tech Notes for mesh LOD console commands.


For the rest of the statistics commands see Console Commands/Stats Console Commands (UT)

Shows various statistics.


Additional debugging commands that are not covered in Console Commands/Admin Console Commands or Console Commands/Cheat Console Commands.

CAUSEEVENT <eventname>
Triggers all actors with the given event.
Test crashing the game by appError.
Test allocating memory until it fills up.
Test a general protection fault.
Test crash by infinite recursion.
Display the contents of the memory cache GCache.
Display a list of unused native function ids.
During game play, edits the properties of the nearest actor belonging to that class. Cool for debugging.
EDITACTOR NAME=<objectname>
During game play, edits the properties of the object with a given name (Such as TSkaarj1). Cool for debugging.
Mark all objects that are in memory (for garbage collection debugging in conjunction with MARKCHECK).
Display a list of all unmarked objects that are in memory (for garbage collection debugging in conjunction with MARK).
List memory usage; only works when Unreal is compiled with the memory-tracking option (it's usually not).
In network play, shows a list of network sockets (UNetConnection's) in use.
URL <urlname>
In network play, parses a URL and displays its components.
When connected to a server displays statistics once per tick.

i=20 cli=3 act=4.3 (640) net=2.3 pv/c=80 re p/c=0 rp c/c=0

i=Server tickrate, Cli= Number of Clients, act= Time spent on processing Actors (ms), (640) number of actors, net= Time spent on network processing (ms). Assuming a tickrate of 20, if act + net = 50 the server is running at 100% CPU utilization ( 1000ms / 20 = 50 ). If cli is greater than the number of players in the game the server most likely suffers from the win2k creeping ping bug. Note: INJECT USERFLAG 0 turns off output.

What follows is a definition of all of the console commands that are in general use across all versions of the Unreal Engine.


SAY <message string>
Broadcast a message to other players in the game.
SETNAME <newname> || NAME <newname>
Change your name (works in network play too).
Commit suicide.
TEAMSAY <message string>
Broadcast a message to your teammates.
This pauses the current game. In networked games you will have to be logged in as an administrator to use this command. See Console Commands/Admin Console Commands.
This command throws your current weapon to the ground.
This command saves a screenshot into the Unreal Engine game's System directory.
This command changes your field of view. NOTE: In Devastation this command is largely disabled.
This command can be used to reload the current weapon. Not implemented in all Unreal Engine games although available for mods.
This command can be used to activate the currently selected inventory item. Not implemented in all Unreal Engine games although available for mods.
Causes any ScriptedSequence in contact with the player's pawn to call it's UsedBy function. This is intended for triggers that need to be explicityly activated by a button press.


KEYNUMBER <keyname>
Returns Interactions.EInputKey index.
KEYNAME <keyindex>
Returns specifed Interactions.EInputKey in meatbag-friendly form.
Returns specifed Interactions.EInputKey in localized, meatbag-friendly form (unconfirmed).
KEYBINDING <keyname>
Returns action bound to specified key.
Returns comma-separated list of keys with specified action bound to them.
Returns numbers of keys with specified action bound to them.
Returns comma-separated list of actions with names starting with "text".
(Admin-Only-Commands have been postet in an other thread before)

What follows is a definition of all of the console commands that are in general use across all versions of the Unreal Engine.

This command provides a rather dodgy 3rd person perspective view most useful for checking out relative sizes in maps.
In UT this command can be used without the value parameter to cycle through the 10 brightness values. In Devastation the command can take a value between 0 and 1. If a value is not specified then a brightness of 0.5 is used.
CONTRAST <value>
Sets the constrast level of the game. It appears that values can range between 0.0 and 2.0
Disconnect from the current server.
Go back to playing in a window.
Flush all caches. Regenerates all lighting, 3D hardware textures, etc. Can be useful to clear texture corruption due to 3D hardware driver bugs.
FOV <angle>
Set the field of view, for example fov 90 for 90 degrees. The server (or machine) the game is running on must have the INI option bAllowFOV=True set.
'Locks' the player rotation to the current direction they are heading. Used with the BEHINDVIEW command. Generally useful for getting nice screenshots of your character at less than usual angles.
Get a list of color depths supported by your 3D hardware
Get the current color depth (16 or 32).
Get the current resolution.
SETRES <value>
Set the game resolution. Must be in the format XxY. e.g. "SETRES 1280x800"
Hides all actors during game play.
NETSPEED <number>
Change your desired network data rate. Use 2600 for modem, 5000 for ISDN, 10000 for ADSL/Cable, and 20000 for LAN.
OPEN <url>
Opens a local map (for example, open dm-turbine.unr) or an Internet server (for example, open Also supports querystring items like mutator= and numbots=
Displays the Advanced Options window.
Reconnect to the current/previous server
Change the rendering mode. Different versions of the Urneal Engine have more or less support for this feature. The more recent the engine the better the support will be. The value for n can be any of the following.

1. Wireframe view. Handy for seeing what Antiportals are doing
2. Zone/Portal: BSP is coloured by Zones & Static Meshes textured – handy for understanding how static meshes are used in maps
3. Texture Usage: BSP is coloured by texture usage
4. BSP cuts: as 2, but BSP is all white. Weird.
5. Dynamic Light – normal game mode
6. Textured mode – no lighting, everything full brightness
7. lighting only
8. Depth Complexity – shows how complex a scene is with the colour scale. Green is low complexity areas the game will have no problems rendering, red is high complexity and will most likely need some optimization.

Turns the display of actors back on.
Toggles fullscreen mode on and off.
Calls up the so called "quick console". This is a single line console that vanishes after a command has been entered. It is normally reached by pressing TAB.

Cheat Console Commands
These cheats are always activated in practise matches. For network games you need to be logged in as admin, but in UT2003 network games they aren't available at all. In the UT singleplayer ladder you will have to enable them first with the IAmTheOne command.

Dark Pulse: Only in UT versions 420 and under. 425 and up no longer need IAmTheOne to enable cheats.

(Not in Unreal 1) Enables you to breathe underwater for a very very very long time. (About 17 minutes.)
Gives you all the ammo (999) for your current weapons.
CAUSEEVENT <event name>
This console command sends the event specified to all Actors on a level via the Trigger() function.
Fly around (instead of walking). Also note that you are also invulnerable to attacks in UT (not UT2003). Great for Level Screenshots. See WALK. As of UT2003 the space bar can no longer be used to increase your height.
Fly around and go through walls (see WALK). In ghost mode you will not be able to touch (pickup) any objects.
Makes you invincible. The conditions that you can get killed when in god mode are: telefrag, mover kills, typing in walk while in ghost mode in solid space, etc. The Killz in UT2003 onwards also causes death while in God mode. Useful for killing cheating players if they fall a long way.
Makes you completely invisible. This will not work in a networked game.
(Not Unreal 1) Gives you all the weapons and full ammo (default Max Ammo amounts) for them. As of UT2004, superweapons are only given a single shot, not 999 ammo as with the other weapons.
SETJUMPZ <height>
This allows you to set the height to which you will jump.
SETSPEED <speed>
This allows you to set the speed at which you move.
SLOMO <Decimal percent (1.00 is 100%)>
This allows you to set the speed at which the level plays. Fun to play at 0.01
SUMMON <package>.<class>
This command allows you to summon objects into the level. The package and class names specified with the command are not case sensitive as of UT2004. Not all objects are "summonable". If an object fails to appear, check your game log file for error messages. Try summoning a 'warheadlauncher' or a 'pammo'

KILLALL <package name>.<class name>
Kills all actors of a certain class, for example killall Botpack.WarheadLauncher.
Kills all pawns. This includes bots, monsters, assault objectives, etc.
Returns you to normal walking mode after flying or ghosting around a level. It's a good idea to make sure you are slightly above the ground with plenty of space around you before re-entering walk mode.
Pauses all non-player actors in the game. Cool for debugging scripts, taking screenshots.
VIEWCLASS <class name>
Cycle through actors of this class, on your team in teamgames, viewing from their locaton (for example, viewclass bot). Note that this command will only allow a view from an Actor that is a player or a spectator. It may also work on network games as not a cheat.
CHEATVIEW <class name>
Cycle through actors of this class, on the enemy team in teamgames, viewing from their locaton (for example, viewclass bot). Note that this command will only allow a view from an Actor that is a player or a spectator.
Switch UT into windowed mode first, then replace <class> with 'zone' to edit the zone your player is in, 'weapon' to edit the weapon you are holding, and 'pawn' to edit your current player. Be careful as you can really screw up things if you're not.
Same as EDITACTOR, but edits the default properties for all actors of the class type. (Works in UT2003/2004; confirm for UT?)

Foxpaw: Editactor and Editdefault are listed under Debugging Console Commands. Should they be here also?

DemonThing: They could be used for cheating too. Consider "EDITACTOR CLASS=xPawn". You could change your health to 10000 :p Then again, SET could also be used.

amitakartok: GOD doesn't grant complete invincibility. For example, the Vortex Generator superweapon from the ChaosUT mod works by sucking in players at a radius of 10 meters and killing them. I tested, and the vortex pulled me with FLY on, and after several quick swings around it, I touched the center and was gibbed. When I wasn't in range, something slowly dragged me down to the ground after one activation, so I think the weapon works by forcibly creating a GravityZone with a KillZone in the middle. This would imply that KillZones can override GOD, however many maps incorporate the danger of falling off but not dying with GOD, like Morpheus.

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