UT 99 Files

Unreal Tournament 1999 Game File Downloads
Sup Fraga's,  xantaz is back.

This game is really bleeping old now, but yeah, I guess I just have nestaglia for it. I no longer play, maybe a few times in the last few years, but I still want to contribute to the community I wasted so many years a part of. =P So if you can't find the UT file you are looking for at other sites, try here. Year's ago I kept these files locally, then I put them on-line for all. I had to change server in the last couple years multiple times. I also got busy with work so I was down for a couple years. But, alas I got the files online again this time using some easily manageable ajax with increased security. So, here you go.

aka shoq.jedi, blue_ballz, [Ts]-Bob

haha and 100's more.

PS Played only a few hours in the last few years.

UT99 Files

Unreal Tournament 1999 Downloads